Huguang Guild Hall in Beijing

Huguang Guild Hall is renowed for it's title of one the of "Four Great Opera Theatres" in all of Beijing. The traditions of this majestic theatre building originate from it's founding year, in 1807. During it's long course in Chinese history, many famous performers have performed on the Huguang Guild stage. Here you can experience the authentic Peking Opera, performed by some of the most skillful modern day performers. You can also visit a museum that exhibits the history of Opera in Beijing. ›› Performance

The show is very popular, which is why we highly recommend booking your seats well in advance. We now offer discount tickets for advanced bookings, only through us! ›› Booking

Huguang Guild Hall is situated amongst the old Beijing quarters of the former Xuanwu District. Just north from the city center and conveniently accessable by metro or taxi. ›› Location Beijing Tour Guide

Beijing Huguang Guild Hall
Show Time: Daily 6:30pm to 7:30pm